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Welcome to our Who We Are page. In this page you will learn what this company is about. You will know who we are by learning about the story of our founder and the company. By the end of this reading you’ll understand why we can do what we do, what our company is and we can do for you and your house.

THE FOUNDER: Graciela McNeely

Graciela McNeely

The women in the picture is called Graciela Gonzalez McNeely, but you can call her Grace. She’s a dynamic and accomplished business owner with over 40 years of experience. She’s worked on different types of constructions such as Government, Industrial, Commercial, and Residential buildings. She has a lot of experience. But despite of having 40 years of experience, she is not as old as you think, and the reason behind that is fascinating.

The reason why she is not as old as she’s supposed to be is, to put it simply, that she’s a natural and that’s all thanks to her father. Let me explain that a little better. Her father, an honest and hardworking Man from Mexican origins, was already building houses long before humans put a man on the Moon. This guy knew everything about construction and he taught it to Grace while she was a teen. That means this guy taught Grace how to build houses before she could even drive a car.

And what that did to Grace is, what happens to you when you know how to do something since so long: you develop an instinct for it. Grace is a total natural. She has an impressive combination of passion and knowledge about this business because she first breathed the dust of chopped wood than fresh clear air. And don’t get me wrong, that knowledge and passion didn’t come out exclusively from what she learned as a child.

It’s truth that her father sparked on her a passion for building houses, but that passion grew as she got more involved in the business. As she wanted to work on more and better houses, she had to learn more about the business, and the more you know about something, the more you love it.

 To keep doing what she loved, she had to learn more. You don’t stay 40 years in business if you don’t update your skills, so as time went by and Grace wanted to achieve more, she had to get certificates, licenses, and memberships to different organizations that made her an expert on her field.

She is affiliated to a lot of important organizations. These organizations are the following:

  • The Small Business Administration,
  • The Port of Houston Authority,
  • The Houston Minority Business Council,
  • The Associated General Contractors of America,
  • The McAllen Chamber of Commerce and
  • The Ocupation Safety and Health Administration.

Did you read all the names? Don’t worry if you didn’t, the only thing you need to know is that there are a lot of organizations that like grace. So she is woman you can trust, and she’s accomplished that through hard work and passion.

So If you are looking for a woman that is as good at breathing as she is at remodeling kitchens or painting walls, then search no more! You just found the right woman! And if you are looking for a company with the same spirit, then let me tell you a little bit about Bellagio Remodeling and Consultants.

Bellagio Remodeling and Consultants

This company is very old. Grace founded this company with her father more than 20 years ago. However, after her father died, Bellagio Remodeling and Consultants disappeared and she created her own company and called it Targa. Grace worked on that company for around 10 years, but because of some personal issues she eventually stepped down. Now she’s back in business and she’s bringing back Bellagio Remodeling.

Bellagio Remodeling is a company specialized in, as the name says it, remodeling. We provide a wide array of remodeling services that include, framing, painting, weatherproofing and masonry. These techniques can be applied to remodel interiors and exteriors, and they can be used in bathroom remodeling and house remodeling. If you need to remodel something, we are the guys.

So if what you are looking for is experience, knowledge and passionate people, we are here to serve you. Please call 956 9330033 to get things done. We’ll book you a meeting with Grace so she can help you with your remodeling needs. Call +1 (956) 933- 0033 now.

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